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European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) is an organisation created by the ministers of culture of Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, which purpose is to document and promote the study of 20th-century history and how it is remembered. The Network achieves its goals via support of academic research, educational projects, promotional events and publishing projects.

In February 2012 I was invited by ENRS to redesign its website and to create a concept and UI for new, more engaging and interactive features.


Visual lifting (raising credibility and legibility)
Architecture of information cleanup
Concept and UI design for new features such as:
– open institutions database
– published materials database
– open calendar of events
– robust „news” section (blog)
– multimedia content section (videos, broadcasts, galleries)

Client European Network Remembrance and Solidarity
Timeframe spring 2012




Calendar of events

Form template

Newsroom (ENRS blog)

List of articles and publications
Article template with a related content module

Newsletter template


See it online: www.enrs.eu


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